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The Philadelphia Parking Authority loses its Parking War with taxicabs.

The PPA has a standard practice of immediately impounding taxicabs that solicit fares in Philadelphia without a Philadelphia medallion.  A taxicab has the option of purchasing a medallion license to operate from the state or the city.  Those taxicabs with only a state medallion risk impoundment if they hail passengers in Philadelphia.


So, the Germantown Cab and Rosemont Cab sued the PPA about this impoundment policy, claiming that the PPA is acting outside the statute’s authority.  The Commonwealth Court, last week, declared that the statute does not authorize the PPA to impound cabs. To be clear, the court did not declare open season for ‘hack cabs’ or cabs who do not have a state OR a city medallion.  But for those taxicabs with valid state medallions, the PPA may not impound the cab as a penalty for territory violations.